Nexia International

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Horlings believes in forging links in order to share knowledge, which is why it is involved in the Nexia network.

Nexia International

Nexia International is a global network of independent accountants, business advisors and consultants represented in over 100 different countries. Nexia International is among the top 10 of the world’s largest international networks within financial services. With this active membership, we are able to support your vast ambitions and advise you in matters in each country of the world. Key to Nexia’s success is its global collaboration with organisations that appear among the top 10 of the world’s leading financial and economic centres. This positioning enables Nexia to offer a high level of service to its international customers. Further information about Nexia International can be found on our website:

Nexia Nederland

Nexia Nederland, accountancy and tax advice, is a joint venture between Horlings, Koenen en Co and KroeseWevers with more than 600 employees and 11 branches spread across the Netherlands. Both customers and employees of Nexia Nederland’s offices benefit from our size, whilst retaining the personal approach and commitment of the independent regional accountancy firms. Customers operating regionally, nationally and internationally find all the expertise in accountancy and tax advice they require at Nexia Nederland’s offices. Nexia Nederland is a member of Nexia International. For further information about Nexia Nederland, please contact one of our partners. Nexia Nederland Postbus 53045, 1007 RA Amsterdam Telephone +31 (0)20 570 02 00

Specialist Accountancy and Taxation Agency

The Nexia Nederland partners have their own specialist accountancy and taxation agency. The Specialist Agency collaborates closely with Nyenrode Business University. Nexia Nederland has opted for this due to the increasing complexity of regulations and the increasing need in the sector to acquire academic support quickly. With the establishment of the Specialist Agency, Nexia Nederland’s partners are taking a vital step in their aim to expand the range of services they provide to clients throughout the Netherlands. The Nexia Nederland joint venture enables the partners to achieve maximum quality of the specialism, whilst keeping costs under control.