Invoicing and credit Management via Payt


Recently Horlings Accountants & Belastingadviseurs B.V. started using the program Payt for invoicing and credit management.

What does this mean for you as our client?

  • From now on you will receive our invoices by e-mail via the Payt portal
  • If you have questions or comments about an invoice, you can let us know in the digital Payt environment
  • If the payment term (30 days) is exceeded, you will receive a reminder by e-mail via the Payt portal
  • You will receive a separate payment reminder for each outstanding invoice
  • If you pay from a Dutch bank account, there is also the possibility with each invoice and reminder to pay via iDeal
  • Current payment arrangements remain in force, but are monitored by Payt

It is possible by activating Payt that you will receive several e-mails with payment reminders. We ask you for your understanding.

Do you have any specific questions or wishes? Please contact us via


Joyce Bertens

Invoicing and credit Management via Payt


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