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Wage tax is the tax imposed on the employee’s wages. The employer deducts this tax from the employees’ wages and transfers it to the Tax and Customs Administration, together with the contributions due.

But wage tax goes beyond simply stating it on your pay slip. Employment contracts can sometimes lead to undesirable fiscal consequences and a scan of the terms and conditions of employment is advisable.

You may award your employees a higher net salary without your employer’s payments increasing. In addition to wage tax, the employee insurance contributions form an important part of the wage tax due. Did you know that an incorrect sector classification could lead to extra charges for you, the employer? Our wage tax specialist is happy to help you with any complex issues you may have.

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We can help you with:

  • A wage tax check (listing and optimising terms and conditions of employment and risk analysis).
  • A check of and compilation of employment and management agreements.
  • Supervision of pay checks by the Tax and Customs Administration.
  • Tax-friendly payment and à la carte payment for employees.
  • The DMS’s optimal fiscal payment.
  • Advice about wage tax and contribution obligation for cross-border employment and 30% schemes.
  • Advice about chain, lender and administrator’s liability.
  • Providing lectures, workshops and seminars in this field.

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