Corporation Tax

If you own a public limited liability company (bv) or a public limited company (nv), you will need to file a corporation tax return on behalf of your company. The same sometimes applies to foundations and associations too. Horlings’ tax advisors know exactly when this applies to you and do everything they can to keep the corporation tax as low as possible.

Taxed profit

Corporation tax is taxed profit, so it is important to know what your profit is.  When determining your company’s profit, a number of fiscal regulations apply, such as fiscal reserves, use of private assets, investments, research & development, maternity payments and much more.

Regulations governing corporation tax

Our tax advisors know what rules apply to you and are alert to changes in regulations, enabling them to create an optimal situation in which you pay as little corporation tax as possible. This could involve deducting certain amounts from profits, such as investments in innovation or environmental or energy-saving measures, for example.

Benefit from our knowledge too

Where possible, we also collaborate with fellow advisors and accountants to make the link between outstanding investments and the corresponding fiscal opportunities. If you want to benefit from this too, you are very welcome to meet Horlings’ tax advisors. Please get in touch with us.

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