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As an entrepreneur, you would rather do business than accounting, but you understand better than anyone that financial administration forms the basis of your management information. In turn, that basis needs to be effective, well organised and up to date. At Horlings, online administration has long been a fixed part of what we offer. Online administration simplifies the process of maintaining data and offers entrepreneurs a real-time insight into their finances. Accounting has never been so efficient!

View your results wherever, whenever

With the Exact online package, you can access your financial records at any time, wherever you may be, and you will have the opportunity to work wherever you want.  The online dashboard allows you to take a quick look at your operating results, the scale of outstanding items, accounts payable and bank balances. All the detailed information about your accounts receivable and accounts payable is available online, up to and including the underlying invoices.  Online accounting provides better insights into your business operations and thereby enables you to make more informed decisions.

Benefits of online administration with Exact online

  • easy to use
  • your information is easy to access at all times, wherever you may be
  • secure, fast and reliable
  • working in a targeted way with your accountant or auditor

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