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Consultancy for your organisation

If you want more than simply to understand your figures, Horlings’ versatile business advisors are ready to help. Leading professionals who can forge links between figures and your business operations, who work in a solution-oriented manner and complement one another perfectly, so you can expect all-encompassing advice for your organisation at all times.

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Specialist business advisors

Each of these business advisors specialise in a management field and are thus able to control the entire organisational spectrum. Whether you require advice about strategy, management, innovation, staff, processes or finances, you can count on an in-depth answer from us and a solution to all your entrepreneurial questions.

Achieving business objectives

We will help you to succeed in your business practices by combining knowledge, insight and practical application in each of the six business areas:


Do you have a clear vision of your future market position and how you will achieve this? Have the risks been mapped out accurately? This is what strategy is all about and, in this context, we can help you determine, strengthen and achieve your strategic path.


A good manager demonstrates leadership, responsibility and focus and is alert to new developments and scope for improvement. We will support you in this with advice, coaching and/or interim management.


Innovation is key to successful entrepreneurship; constant rejuvenation, change and improvement. In relation to products and services, but also to work processes, IT, HR policy and organisational culture. As an advisor, initiator or project manager, we are happy to assist you with innovation projects or change processes, provided that they benefit your operating result. We will also investigate opportunities for financing innovations, such as subsidies or tax benefits that may be of interest to you.


Are you familiar with your employees’ competences, their ambitions and development opportunities and requirements? Your employees are what make your organisation. Reason enough for a conscientious HR policy. Together with our advisor, you will develop clear job profiles, an effective evaluation and assessment system, clear career perspectives and suitable terms and conditions of employment. Matters such as recruitment and selection, reducing sickness-related absence, outplacement and pensions are also in safe hands with us.


Do you understand and can you manage your business risks? Are you able to respond to changes? In order to gain a greater understanding of your risks, your business processes need to be properly safeguarded and documented. For greater process efficiency and opportunities for improvement, we will help you analyse these business processes.


Are you receiving clear management reports containing the main strategic data and financial figures? Are you utilising all the fiscal opportunities that are open to you? And using the correct financing facilities for your organisation? In order to provide the best financial advice, we collaborate closely with Horlings’ accountants and tax advisors so that you receive comprehensive advice, even for your long-term financial position.

An appointment with your business advisor?

If you require greater insight into your company in order to advance your organisation, please make an appointment with one of our business advisors.

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